Sheets Down Under is an innovative, unique design of bed linen.We strive to reinvent the path in such away that bed linen used today will become a thing of the past…

My name is Sheree,  founder and designer of Sheets Down Under

THROUGH MY JOURNEY OF Multiple Sclerosis MS Sheets Down Under was born

MS gave me the opportunity to tinker around with an idea I had, but never the time to investigate until now, it’s strange how life works and how fast ones life can change…

Shortly after my diagnoses and learning how to inject my medication I lost my best friend to cancer, my dad. Dealing with the loss of my dad and accepting the changes that lie ahead of me while moving my mum to Sydney to live with us, gave me plenty of time to think about my future and what I could, and could no longer do.

It took about a year to created a functional set of sheets that I was happy with, needing to test them I put them on our bed and our sons bed without telling them.

The out come from a week of testing was amazing, I was now excited about my future, feeling my purpose had presented itself to me.

Up until then my mum was the only one who knew what I was doing. I told my family and friends about what I had created, their response was we wanted a set and said I should tell everyone. So the long and hard road started to bring Sheets Down Under’s range of bed linen to market.

Here is a fantastic article written By Daniel Kovac from Pipevine about Sheets Down Under.

Our philosophy
LIVE LIFE…don’t just exist
  1. Uncomplicate and return calm

  1. Change the way beds are made

  2. The 1st choice bed makers choose

  3. Every bed be covered with sheets Down Under

  1. Making a difference to peoples lives for the better

  2. Don’t be scared to dream again reach for the stars and beyond

  3. Be true to your self be the person you were born to be

  4. Support one another grow stronger together and have fun along the way

  5. Come from heart… stay humble… respectful…

  6. Strive for greatness in all you do