I am enjoying my lovely new sheets, you were right the bed was so easy to make and it is almost still made when I get up out of bed!

I can feel the quality and the crispness of the material, and I do like your pillow case opening idea.

My concerns about my feet being too tight are unfounded.

Not once have I had to stretch my toes out of a too tight tucking!

They’ll be great for my 81 year old Mum too.

Congratulations and I sincerely hope you do extremely well with this innovative product.

I am a happy customer, see you soon for more of your wonderful product.




Almost Still Made When I Get Up Out Of Bed!!!

I am so glade I came across your post on the local community pages a few months ago.

We had splashed out and bought a lovely big super king bed which is effectively the size of two king singles.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that buying sheets for our monster bed would prove so difficult and had been getting by with just a sloppy bottom sheet and no top sheet.

However you were a ray of hope and was up for the challenge, now I have not 1 but 2 sets of sheets and I love having a top sheet again with the warmer weather.

I also have a cosy minkee blanket for our son’s bed, he loves how cuddly it is and how easy it is to make his bed each day.

Thank you so much Sheree, you are a warm lady who I enjoyed inviting into our home.

You have made my monster bed a lovely place to spend quality time.


Mount Annan NSW

A Lovely Place To Spend Quality Time!!!

Now that it is getting colder I have recently put my fitted minkee blanket on the bed.

Walking into the bedroom ready to go to bed and I see hubby with the sheets and blanket well up over his head.

Now what other sheets are there that are that generous in their size so you can get all snoodled-up in them.

Sheets Down Under never fails

Love you SDU.



Sheets Down Under never fails!!!

I have recently purchased a set of Queen size sheets and pillow cases.

Making my bed with these sheets is so easy and the pillow cases are very easy to put on also.

Fantastic idea, both the sheets and pillow cases, love them.



So Easy!!!

I purchased two of Sheets Down Under’s sheet sets just under a month ago and I am so happy with them.

Changing the bed is such a breeze and I’m sure the bed feels comfier with the top sheet always being tucked in.

I would highly recommend Sheets Down Under to anyone looking for good quality sensible bed linen.




Highly Recommend !!!

Finally!…no more waking up in the middle of the night because the sheet or blanket has come untucked.

Hubby also gets a better night’s sleep because the sheets and blanket are longer and cover his shoulders.

My favourite is the fitted minkee blanket, we have one for every bed in the house.


Mount Annan NSW


Love Sheets Down Under!!!

I purchased 2 sets of the Queen Deep Corner size, one of each colour.

They fit the mattress perfectly.

I was skeptical about how they were going to stay on without elastic, but they DO, even on restless nights!

I also have a Light Fitted Blanket on the end of the bed, it takes away the bulk of a quilt during the warm Summer months.

Sheets Down Under has taken the hassle out of making beds.

They are a total dream to sleep on!

Thank you Sheree



Harrington Park NSW

LOVE Sheets Down Under!!!

Since using Sheree’s amazing sheets (Sheets Down Under), making the bed is now a fuss free task. I have bought a few sets and love the look and practicality of them.

You see I only stand at just over 4ft tall, so making the bed was a real struggle for me, most of the time my husband would do it.

The design of Sheets Down Under’s sheets, has given me the independence to be able to make our bed myself and it’s quick and easy.

These sheets have been well thought out by Sheree, I especially love how the fitted sheets have no elastic-what a fabulous concept.

I’m looking forward to buying more of Sheets Down Under products, and having my linen cupboard organised.

Thank you Sheets Down Under.

Amanda; Harrington Park NSW


I purchased a set of sheets for myself and my two teenage girls, we soon fell in love with this product. For the very first time my girls decided it was now fun to make their own bed, because it was so easy to do.

Within months I gave away all my old linen and replaced it with Sheets Down Under, folding is so simple and my linen cupboard has never been this organised and with lots more space.

I now have Sheets Down Unders Sheets, Blankets and Coveralls for every bed in my home, and would NEVER go back to using so called “normal” bed linen again.

Not only is the product convenient and simple to use it’s also long lasting, to date I’m still using the original sheet set I bought back in 2009.

Both my girls have now moved out of home to study, they still use and order Sheets Down Under, just placing an order for 2 fitted Minkee Blankets for their new beds.

Don’t take my word for it, try them yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cathy; Wingello NSW

I’ll never go back to normal bed linen again!!!
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